The Big Apple Awards are the gold standard of excellence for PR practitioners in the New York area. 

PRSA-NY Announces 2014 Big Apple Awards Finalists
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PRSA-NY Big Apple Awards

Celebrate the tremendous work you, your company, agency or non-profit organization implemented in 2013.   Enter your PR programs and key program elements today.

New for 2014!
Our entry system is completely online (no more binders!)

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Click here to view 2013 Big Apple Winners, Sponsors and other archived information

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PRSA-NY Big Apple Awards

Lynn Appelbaum - PRSA-NY/PRSSA Liaison & Board Member,Ken Scudder - Big Apple Co-Chair, David UsheryLea-Ann Germinder, APR - PRSA-NY President, Henry Feintuch - Big Apple Co-Chair & PRSA-NY President-Elect at the 2013 Big Apple Awards.


The New York Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America established the Big Apple Awards program in 1988 to encourage excellence in public relations. Today, a Big Apple Award is recognized as one of the highest honors in public relations. Over the years, more than 1,000 winning programs have solved problems, changed opinions and created business opportunities.

The 2014 Big Apple Awards competition is open to all public relations professionals in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut for programs created in 2013 and implemented anywhere in the world. Most or all of the strategic work on the programs should have been performed by professionals in the tri-state area. Professionals located outside the tri-state area are eligible to submit programs, if, and only if, their program was implemented primarily in the tri-state area. 


Entries will be judged on the basis of research, planning, execution and results.  Bonus points will be awarded for entries that not only have impressive media results, but also clearly can point to direct business or other campaign outcomes.  A panel of judges, representing a broad range of disciplines and expertise, will be selected from the most senior-level and experienced representatives of the public relations industry. The judges may award multiple winners as they see fit. However, they will not designate a winner in a category they feel contains no entries of award-winning caliber.

Finalists in each category will be notified following the judging of the Big Apple entries. From these finalists, the Big Apple Award winners and runners-up (if selected) will be announced on May 22, 2014 at the Big Apple Awards presentation.


Big Apple Award winners in each campaign category will be considered for a special “Best of the Best Big Apple Award” presenting the best program in 2013, also announced at the May 22 awards presentation.


Emmanuel Tchividijian,Ruder Finn, accepts The President's Award at the 2013 Big Apple Awards



The Institute for Public Relations, an independent foundation dedicated to The Science Beneath the Art of Public Relations™, will present a “Best Use of Research, Measurement and Evaluation Award.”  Big Apple Award winners in each campaign category will be eligible for this additional award.


All entrants can now choose to enter a campaign with a budget of $100,000 or less in any one of the Campaign Divisions where subcategories are listed.   These entries will also be judged on the additional criteria of creative use of a limited budget. As with the other categories, judges will not be obligated to award a Big Apple in the “budget of $100,000 or less” subcategory where they do not deem the entry(ies) deserving of the award. 


John W. Hill Award - To be considered for this award you must meet the following criteria:          

  • Leadership in the development of the practice of public relations
  • Demonstration of the highest standards of integrity
  • Fostering and promoting understanding among people
  • Service to the public beyond the scope of the nominee's regular public relations duties
  • Promoting communications and understanding through education and the exchange of people and ideas

Nominees may not be the current PRSA-NY president or a recipient within the past 10 years of the PRSA Gold Anvil or similar award.

Philip Dorf Award - To be considered for this award, the candidate must meet the following criteria:

  • Leadership in guiding and inspiring the careers of entry level and other young PR professionals.
  • Demonstration of the highest standards of the profession in a selfless role as a mentor.
  • Service to young professionals beyond the scope of the nominee's professional duties.

Nominees may not be the current PRSA-NY president or a recipient within the past 10 years of the PRSA Gold Anvil or similar award.

PRSA-NY President’s Award - Established in 2003, this award honors the contributions of public relations practitioners to PRSA-NY itself. To be considered, each year’s candidate must meet the following criteria:

  • Past or current membership in PRSA-NY
  • Adherence to the highest standards of ethical conduct
  • Service to PRSA generally and the New York Chapter in particular.
  • Nominated by a PRSA member

The President's Award is selected by the chapter president.

Click here to complete the 2014 nomination form.  All nominations must be submitted by Friday, April 25, 2014.

The decision of the awards committee, with the approval of the PRSA-NY executive committee, is final.  Winners will be notified directly in advance of the 2014 Big Apple Awards Gala on May 22, 2014. Winners must be present to accept their awards.

For questions on the chapter awards for individuals, please contact the committee co-chair, Grace Leong, at


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Entry Requirements & Judging Criteria - contact the 2014 Big Apple Awards Committee Chair, Linda Krebs, at 646-484-4539 or



Presenter & Recipient 2013 Big Apple Award for Dedication & Service to the NY Chapter of PRSA, Phil Lipof, WABC-TV Channel 7

Hill Award

1977     George Hammond

1978     Elaine Pitts

1979     Lee Bieringer    

1980     Chester Burger

1981     Sondra K. Gorney

1982     John H. Paluszek

1983     Lloyd N. Newman

1984     Richard Weiner

1985     Sid Gross

1986     Barbara W. Hunter

1987     Bert Hochman

1988     Charlotte Klein

1989     Joel Strasser    

1990     Phyllis H. Berlowe

1991     John Sattler

1992     Jerry Danzig

1993     Harold Burson

1994     Denny Griswold

1995     David M. Bicofsky

1996     P. Michael McDermott

1997     David Drobis

1998     Jeannette Paladino

1999     Helen I. Ostrowski

2000     Philip G. Ryan

2001     Joan Capelin

2002     Art Stevens

2003     Thomas Hoog

2004     Richard Edelman

2005     Howard J. Rubenstein

2006     David Finn

2007     Kenneth D. Makovsky

2008     James E. Murphy

2009     Valerie Di Maria

2010     James E. Lukaszewski

2011     E. Ronald Culp

2012     Margi Booth

2013     Paul J. Gennaro

Dorf Award

1995     Terrie Williams

1996     Anthony J. Russo

1997     Art Stevens

1998     Robert M. Weintraub

1999     Lynn Appelbaum

2000     Edward J. Menninger

2001     Michael Greece

2002     Don Bates

2003     Helio Fred Garcia

2004     Alex Stanton

2005     Bob Stone

2006     John L. Paluszek

2007     Emmanuel Tchividjian

2008     Roberta Elins

2009     William F. Doescher

2010     Deborah Radman

2011     Leslie E. Gottlieb

2012     Maria P. Russell

2013     David M. Grant             

President’s Award

2003     Don Bates

2004     Christopher Guidette

2005     Liz Beck

2006     Linda Krebs

2007     Jeanne M. Salvatore

2008     Michael P. Rinaldo

2009     Sandra Fathi

2010     Grace T. Leong

2011     Karen J. Arthur

2012     Barri Rafferty

2013     Emmanuel Tchividjian